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Swim spas

A real alternative to the traditional swimming pool, the swimming spa is the ideal pool that combines comfort and performance with both a sports area for swimming against the current and a relaxation area with integrated jacuzzi.

With a counter-current pool on one side, a jacuzzi on the other, the swim spa offers sports enthusiasts all the benefits of a complete exercise including swimming, weight training, water cycling, massages and physical preparation.

Indoors and outdoors, treat yourself to all the advantages of a real space for relaxation and multi-purpose leisure. Smaller than a normal swimming pool, easy to maintain and usable all year round, the swim spa has many advantages that will delight young and old alike.

If you are looking for a more economical, more versatile and less bulky alternative to the traditional swimming pool, go to Aygospa to discover its wide selection of swim spas in Orthez.


  • WEIGHT 1600KG
  • CAPACITY 7800 L
  • DIMENSIONS 5880 x 220 x 147
swimming side

Water volume: 7000 L
3 massage seats
1 Malboa electronic control
1 massage pump 2.5HP
1 maintenance pump 500W
1 Malboa 3000W heater
1 ozone pump 50mg
1 Ozone injector
25 water massage jets
40 light therapy LEDs
6 retractable fountain jets
3 water pumps of 3HP
3 separate discharges
2 cartridge filters
1 drain plug
8 suction strainers
2 pillows

Jacuzzi side

1 Malboa bluetooth receiver
1 2.5HP pump for lying down
1 2HP pump for seats
1 maintenance/heating pump 400W
1 x 400W air massage pump
1 anti-bacterial ozone pump
44 Air massage jets
4 vertical neck/shoulder jets
1 cartridge filter
3 pillows
18 light therapy LEDs


⦁ Insulated cover on both sides with a 30kg child safety
⦁ Complete insulation of 4cm of injected polyurethane foam
⦁ Thermal insulation wall covering all around the spa
⦁ Aristech American acrylic, Whirlpool pumps, stainless steel structure
⦁ Full fiberglass sealing of the spa support base

All in one, the counter-current swimming pool on one side, the jacuzzi on the other will bring you design, elegance and well-being. Think about this approach, sometimes swimming pools are prohibited from being installed, there you have this possibility of having it and not being subject to this law. For athletes, the counter-current swimming pool remains the best, swimming, bodybuilding, water bike, massages, physical preparation

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